The Association

The Association


The Cultural Association ArteFacto, International Centre for Historical and Artistic Research, was founded in April 1997, in order to promote educational programs and the development of Italy’s historical, artistic, and archaeological heritage.

On October 1st, 1997, ArteFacto began its activities, curating an exhibition of contemporary art and hosting a concert for the jazz artists, Roberto Gatto and Danilo Rea.
From that moment on the Association has created, curated, and organized numerous shows, some of which under the aegis of the City of Rome: “Strada Julia”; “Bianco e Nero”; “Imago Christi. Analisi biblica e percorsi iconografici”; “La vocazione degli Apostoli”; seminar on Futurism - “Le Aeropittrici Futuriste. Omaggio a Barbara”; “Marco Ricci (1938-1995) - Retrospettiva”; “Via dei Coronari”; in-depth meeting “Arte a Parte Roma. Tutela e valorizzazione dei Beni culturali – Turismo culturale”; in-depth meeting “Arte a Parte Roma. Seconda Edizione Tutela e valorizzazione del territorio – Arredo”; exibit “La Scuola di Arti Ornamentali”.

The Association has been commissioned by the City of Rome, Department of Cultural Affairs, Superintendence of Cultural Heritage to realize the Sculpture Garden in the Casilino-Labicano Park.

In 2012, the Association began a series of archaeological tours entitled “Rome at the Centre of Power”, with guided visits to monuments and archaeological sites in Rome and in the Province of Rome. The guided visits, which were also held in English and German, were accompanied by illustrative seminars using audiovisual materials, maps, etc., giving the historical-cultural context of the sites to be visited.

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