About us

About Us


Artefacto is a Cultural Association set up by a group of young archaeologists and art historians who have many years of field work and research experience with the Italian Soprintendenze per i Beni Archeologici (Ministry of Archaeological Heritage) and The University of Rome.

Their goal is to contribute to the development of Italian cultural heritage by sharing their knowledge and experience. To achieve their goal, in 2010 it was decided to give new life to the Associazione Culturale Artefacto, originally founded in 1997, and already successfully promoting educational programs to improve the knowledge of the cultural artistic and archaeological heritage in Italy.

What The Association can offer lies in the ability to unite History with those features that are not normally considered on traditional guided tours, such as the analysis of cultural processes, construction techniques, literary and mythological context, as well as descriptions of everyday life in the ancient world and life in Papal Rome.

A series of themed tours of archaeological sites and parks and visits to the museums in and around Rome, as well as cultural events such as exhibitions, literary presentations, and seminars on ancient history and archaeology are some of the activities that Artefacto has initiated.

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